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This page is the sign up page for the FREE VERSION of the program. You can scroll down to sign up, but first consider making your journey much easier by taking a look at the following tools:

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Purchase the Complete Guide to 30 Sugar Free Days E-Book, which includes an explanation of the program, tips and recipes. You can instantly download the E-book.

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If you want the Complete Guide AND Sugarettes (Dr. Scott’s Book), you can get both for only $19.95! The E-book is available right away, and the book will be shipped out immediately (shipping included in price).

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Download the Free Booklet.The best thing to do is take some time to read the Booklet before you start the program and then come back to this page to start the program. Once you fill in the form below, you will start getting e-mails the very next day.When you are ready to go sign up below!






One of the best ways to survive a dietary change is to enlist the help of others. Getting connected to other people means you have someone to turn to when the going gets tough, someone to share your triumphs with. Research supports that people who are better connected are more likely to succeed in a dietary change.Think about starting a book and diet club; anything that connects you to others.You can find friends and family to help you, or you can join our group on Facebook.Click here to join the




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