E-Mail Topics


Here are the topics of all the 30 Day e-mails:

  1. Welcome to cleaning day!
  2. Welcome to the 30 Sugar Free Days Challenge!
  3. Are You Having Withdrawal Symptoms?
  4. How to Deal with Cravings.
  5. Supplements for Cravings.
  6. Artificial Sweeteners.
  7. One Week Down!
  8. Weight Loss and Exercise.
  9. Trading Stimulants.
  10. How to snack.
  11. How to Handle those Hard Days.
  12. What to do if you Fall Off the Wagon.
  13. Coffee and Alcohol
  14. Two Weeks Down!
  15. Weight Loss and Exercise
  16. How to Survive a Restaurant
  17. Find Your Motivation.
  18. Menstrual cycles.
  19. Listening to Your Body.
  20. Fats and Oils.
  21. Week Three Down!
  22. Exercise: Lifting Weights.
  23. Best Foods to Put on Your Plate.
  24. How to Return to Regular Eating.
  25. How to Create a Perfect Meal
  26. Cheating Days.
  27. Best Way to Eat Grains.
  28. Week Four Down!
  29. It is not About the Sugar
  30. The End of the Challenge