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by Scott Olson on Jan 14th 2014
Calorie confusion

Nutritional science has dramatically changed over the years, but one concept that has not evolved much (despite mounds of research) is the concept of a calorie. That is unfortunate because truly understanding calories has important implications for our health and...

by Scott Olson on Nov 8th 2010

Want to know how many calories you should eat to lose weight? The answer is simple: If You Want to Lose Weight, Calories Don’t Matter. You might be a bit surprised by that answer (especially when doctors, nutritionists, and government agencies all have suggestions...

by Scott Olson on Jan 27th 2009

I know that this post is going to fly in the face of a lot of nutritional dogma, but I think it is about time we faced up to the fact that calories are not all created equal. What’s more, when you start thinking about your calorie intake and calories that...