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by Scott Olson on Nov 18th 2010

Why Does Sugar Give Me a Headache? Does eating sugar give you a headache? You are not alone. The sugar headache, otherwise known as the Holiday Headache (because we eat so much sugar on Easter, Halloween, Christmas and other holidays) has a lot in common with a...

by Scott Olson on Feb 6th 2009

There are plenty of good reasons why you want to kick sugar out of your life, but keeping your brain intact is the latest and maybe the most important. Most people will agree that one of their greatest fear is death, but what people fear even more than dying is...

by Scott Olson on Nov 12th 2008
Brain Light

Sugar Brain You open a can of soda and pour that sugary drink into your mouth. The sugar travels down your throat and into your stomach and then has a very short trip from your stomach into your blood stream. As that sugar starts to move its way through your body,...