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Dr. Scott Olson ND

Dr. Scott is an author, professional speaker, a naturopathic doctor and health consultant. His new book, , claims that sugar and cigarettes share much in common: they are both addictive and they are both extremely harmful.

Your listeners may concerned about health, but have the overlooked one of the most harmful substances in their diet: sugar?

Dr. Scott Will Discuss the Following:

  • Sugar may cause more deaths than cigarettes
  • Why medical professionals are almost completely silent on the harm that sugar may cause.
  • The dramatic changes in the amount of sugar we eat every day.
  • Common diseases that can be blamed on sugar consumption.
  • Just how addictive sugar can be and the health consequences of that addiction

Your listeners will gain:

  • An understanding of the dangers of sugar
  • What to do about cravings
  • How to create meals that lesson the impact of sugar


Sugarettes is a book about the addictive qualities of sugar and the harm that results from that addiction. The number of sugar-related deaths is much higher from sugar than from cigarettes, and, yet, the medical community is completely quiet when it comes to recommendations on avoiding sugar.

Sugar is really the silent killer, it is almost as if everyone is smoking and yet no one is sounding the alarm.

About Dr. Scott

Dr. Scott Olson is a Naturopathic doctor (ND), expert in alternative medicine, author, and medical researcher.

Spurred on by his patients’ struggles with sugar addiction, he was determined to discover how addictive and harmful sugar can be and ways to overcome that addiction. The result of that study is his groundbreaking book Sugarettes, which details the addictive qualities of sugar and the harm that sugar does to our bodies.

Dr. Scott has written extensively for magazines, books, and the web. He also maintains a blog which highlights the latest in health and healthy living.

Questions to Ask Dr. Scott

1. What is a Sugarette and how did you come up with the name of your book?

2. Is sugar a real addiction?

3. What are the signs and symptoms of sugar addiction?

4. How much sugar are Americans eating every day?

5. What diseases are we currently seeing that are a result of sugar addiction?

6. How many people are dying every year because of sugar?

7. Why is the medical community not warning us about the harm that sugar can cause?

8. What about artificial sweeteners?

9. How can the average person reduce sugar consumption?

10. Since you are against sugar in the diet, is this a high protein diet?

11. What is a Naturopathic Doctor?

12. What about your 30 Sugar Free Days Challenge?

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