30 SFD List of Topics

List of Topics

Here are what you can expect from the e-mails. Click on any of these to read that days e-mail.

  1. Welcome to cleaning day!
  2. Welcome to the 30 Sugar Free Days Challenge!
  3. Are You Having Withdrawal Symptoms?
  4. How to Deal with Cravings
  5. Supplements for Cravings
  6. Artificial Sweeteners
  7. One Week Down!
  8. Weight Loss and Exercise
  9. Trading Stimulants
  10. How to Snack
  11. How to Handle those Hard Days
  12. What to do if you Give in to Temptation
  13. Coffee and Alcohol
  14. Two Weeks Down!
  15. Weight Loss and Exercise 2
  16. How to Survive a Restaurant
  17. Find Your Motivation
  18. Menstrual Cycles
  19. Listening to Your Body
  20. Fats and Oils
  21. Week Three Down!
  22. Exercise: Lifting Weights
  23. Best Foods to Put on Your Plate
  24. How to Return to Regular Eating
  25. How to Create a Perfect Meal
  26. Cheating Days
  27. Best Way to Eat Grains
  28. Week Four Down!
  29. It is Not About the Sugar
  30. The End of the Challenge

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  1. Lyndal Forrest January 31, 2012 at 10:41 pm - Reply

    Dear Dr Scott, thanks so much for this course. I am very excited to have found it as I started my own sugar free diet yesterday & I know that I need the support you are offering. I did sign up for the e-book (the $6.99) section, but using my husbands paypal account the download has gone to his email address – not mine. He is in Japan for the next 2 weeks, I have asked him to forward it& the emails to me, but then realised I could just sign up for the FREE session instead. So, to cut a long story short, I am very happy to have joined your group. I have struggled with sugar, feel it has been an on-going battle for years so happy to have taken up arms with you & your group on my side. Thank you. Hope to speak to you over the next 30 days.

    • Dr. Scott February 1, 2012 at 7:29 am - Reply


      Glad you thought of that! Good luck on your 30 day adventure!


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