Are You Predator or Prey?

This may seem like an odd question to consider, but are you predator or prey?

To answer this question, I want you to take a moment and think about an animal that is a predator (most people pick lions, tigers, wolves, cheetahs, or sharks). Once you have a picture of the predator in your mind, I then I want you to think about an animal that is prey (once again, most people pick cows, buffalo, antelope, deer or smaller game like chickens or rabbits).

tiger cow

When you think about these two different classes of animals, you can see that they are clearly different. As you picture these animals in your mind, here is what you might have noticed:

  • The predators have eyes in the front of their heads. Most animals that hunt have eyes in the front of their heads (think about your tigers, sharks and lions). But even animals like monkeys, apes, and rats have eyes in the front of their head because they have to search out their food.
  • Prey, on the other hand, have eyes on the sides of their heads (deer, chickens, rabbits…). Animals that are prey have to look out for attacks and need a fuller view of the world than those that are hunting. Most prey don’t have to look too far for their food, they graze on what is below their feet (grasses).
  • Most predators are skinny because they eat fat and protein.
  • Most prey are fat because they eat carbohydrates (grasses).

After reading that, where do you think you fall?

Humans are, of course, able to eat a lot of different foods, but the problem is that many of us mistakenly eat the foods of prey and we (of course) end up looking like prey.

When you look at a human, you also notice a few other things about them:

  • We have stomach acid (hydrochloric acid) and the only job that hydrochloric acid has in our bodies is to break protein bonds (the bonds that hold together proteins). Protein is only found in large quantities in meat and nuts.
  • Our gallbladder produce bile which saponifies (breaks up) fats and fats are only found in large amounts in meats.
  • Meat is the only good source of vitamin B12 (an essential nutrient).

There are great reasons to consider yourself a predator and focus on the foods that a predator eats and the more that you can do this, the healthier you will be.

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