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I’ve been asked a lot about how effective my 30 Sugar Free Days Program is for weight loss and while I could give you a lot of diet success stories, why don’t I let the people who have been through the program let you know:



I just began my third week on Sunday, and my wedding ring is loose! All my clothes are baggy and I don’t think I will ever eat sugar again! I love how you said you can feel like an “alien on planet carbohydrate” … that’s exactly how I feel! I have found some wonderful farms in my area and I’m shopping at the market less and less. Thank you so much, this is exactly what I needed!

Hilary Barry

My great news is the my cholesterol went from 268 to 184 and my triglycerides from 271 to 75. I am simply amazed!  My cholesterol and triglycerides have never been that low as far back as my records show which is 1998.  This after being sugar free for just 4 months. It proves to me how dangerous sugar is to our health.  This is great motivation for me!

Thank you again.  I am floating above the clouds after being so down for so long with these high numbers.

Marion Pippin

I’ve been sugar free for a little over 2 weeks now, and Dr. Scott was right, my cravings severely declined within the first week I would say. Now I don’t even think about sweets! That’s not to say that at this point I wouldn’t WANT something sweet :) , but I have the willpower to turn it down because my cravings are no…t out of control. I’ve never gone this long without sugar or bread, I can’t believe I’ve made it this far :)

Nerine E

Thanks a million for your program and sage advice. I did not follow the plan strictly for these 30 days (it is my second time around), but kept the principles in mind to adjust my entire lifestyle for the rest of my life. I am a former fat girl, went from 170 lb in my teens to now 115 lbs at 47 years old. I look and feel better tha n I ever have in my life. I can do 30+ pushups, vigorous cardio, working with a preschool population with ceaseless energy. Everyday, I work out and I eat a lower carb, low sugar diet super rich in veggies, fruit, nuts and meats…

I think what you offer us is so great…Your language and formatting is direct, concise and easy to absorb.  You do not come across like a lobbyist, or in-it-for-profit industrialist, or highly technical scientist…

Your encouragement and inspiration works to motivate me.  You are giving the gift of a better-lived life:   with a healthier body, clearer thinking, more energy to be the best YOU…I am so grateful.

Diane Rogers

I’ve completed 7 days and lost 1.5 pounds. I don’t think I’ve ever EVER gone 7 hours without sugar so this is a HUGE accomplishment. I really look forward to the emails. I keep them all and reread when I need a boost.

Very nice program!

Jess Marke

I’ve been low-carbing for 5 years now and feel terrific. Still, I have a sweet treat from time to time and was having a horrid problem eliminating artificial sweeteners from my diet. Your challenge inspired me – 30 days! I could do that.

Thanks for sponsoring this!

Bev C

I’m sorry but I didn’t think to take pictures but I did take body measurements and I lost about 2” off my hips. I hope that helped, I plan to keep doing it for life. Thanks a lot!


I’ve been sugar free and actually, mostly meat free as well, for almost 3 weeks now. The weight is coming off finally and I feel free. I feel that I’m healing from all the destructive foods I’ve eaten in the past year. Not eating the meat has provided my liver to clean up, so I’m grateful to be “cleaning house”. I can tell by my increased energy and healthier looking skin, that it’s really helping.

My cravings have virtually disappeared, I think because I’ve eliminated the foods that trigger the cravings. It’s been, actually, the easiest weight I’ve lost in a long time.

So, thank you again. Just had to write and let you know how much I appreciate this.

Elaine A

I have become a much healthier person in the last month (my doctor said I could lower my insulin from 30 units to 25) and I thank God for finding you and your program on the internet! Thank you for staying in touch with me through the 30 day challenge and being the encouragement that you are!

God Bless You, Joe

After just two weeks going sugar free, the biggest benefits I get are:

  • Less muscle pain.
  • Better sleeping at night.
  • More energy.
  • Clearer thinking. That is the number one reason I’ve gone without sugar. Sugar fogs my brain. After just two weeks going sugar free, I can think clearly, process difficult decisions effortlessly and remember much better.
  • I simply function more efficiently.

Again, thank you for the 30 days plan. I think it’s great!

Yours truly,

Julia M

I just finished the 30 day Sugar Free Days. I really enjoyed having someone who knew what I was going through. I thought I had been sugar free for three months before I started your program, but I didn’t realize how many products I was eating contain sugar by a different name. I would go to my computer each morning before breakfast to read your encouragements. I learned a lot from your e-mails and printed some out for reference.

I am pre diabetic and my blood sugar was in the 100-115 range when I started four months ago. It has only been in the low 90?s for the last week, for which I am grateful to you. I didn’t think I could get it down without medication. I am having my cholesterol checked on Monday. I am hoping for the same result.

Thank you very much,



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  1. Elaine Ball January 19, 2014 at 2:19 pm - Reply

    I am 63 and have multiple sclerosis. I have been in a wheelchair for @ least 3 yrs.
    I worked w/ a PT twice a week.
    I tried W.Watchers with some success. I journaled every meal. It seemed I could never get more than 10 lbs. off. I weigh now approx. 250 lbs. I do not know for sure because I can’t get on a scale safely.
    The weight is hard on me. I make transfers to my stair lift, toilet & chars.
    If things weren’t taxing enough I had to have my gall bladder removed. Two months after surgery and done time I broke 6 ribs & again more down time.
    Is there any help me?
    Your friend, Elaine

    • Dr. Scott January 21, 2014 at 7:09 am - Reply


      Sorry to hear about your troubles. You certainly would benefit from a sugar-free diet, but why don’t you check out this site for a more comprehensive approach:

      Best of luck,

      Dr. Scott

  2. Cathy October 19, 2011 at 5:36 pm - Reply

    I’ve always had a fairly “NO” sugar diet except for alcohol. Well I’ve been on the completely no sugar diet for over two weeks now and I’m a bit concerned. I haven’t really lost any weight except for those first few “fluid kilos” you lose on any diet and I often feel very very tired. I’m a fifty year old, quite fit and only 5-10 kilos overweight woman. People say I look a picture of health but I don’t necessarily feel it. Does anyone have words of encouragement for me?

    • Dr. Scott October 19, 2011 at 6:27 pm - Reply


      When people tell me that they haven’t lost weight, I usually find that they are not sticking to the diet perfectly. The alcohol you mentioned might be your culprit, or the foods that act like sugar (grains). If none of those are the key then you might look at your exercise.
      If you are feeling tired all the time, you should consider a trip to your doctor.

      Best of luck,


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