Thirty years ago, when I worked in a small health food store in Portland, Oregon, I was the go-to-guy for the gluten-free crowd. Whenever someone would walk into the store and want to know how they could avoid gluten, I would walk them around and show them the...

Calorie confusion

Nutritional science has dramatically changed over the years, but one concept that has not evolved much (despite mounds of research) is the concept of a calorie. That is unfortunate because truly understanding calories has important implications for our health and...


One of the overlooked methods for weight loss is simply changing when you do something. Changing the timing of certain tasks you perform...


Take a look at this image of two mice. What difference do you see? The first thing that you might notice is that one mouse is bigger...


Almost everyone I know says that they are addicted to sugar, but is sugar addiction a real addiction? What I mean is: how does sugar-addiction compare...


This JANUARY 2014 will mark the 7th year of the Month Without Sugar. If you think sugar is evil and destroying your health, then join us for a month...


If you are looking for a sugar free diet, then you have come to the right place. I have helped over 15,000 people stop eating sugar with my 30 Sugar...


You wake early to exercise, or somehow squeeze an exercise routine into a busy day, and you are feeling pretty good about yourself. At the end of the...


Healthy Gifts It is that time of year again when you start combing the stores for something for that health lover in your life. As a certified health...

tiger cow

This may seem like an odd question to consider, but are you predator or prey? To answer this question, I want you to take a moment...

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