We do a lot of strange things, and unfortunately for our health, they often lead to illness. I think the biggest reason for this is that our memories...

Foods that act like sugar

I write a lot about sugar and foods that act like sugar in this blog. Lately, I’ve been getting  questions about what I mean by “foods...


Is insomnia robbing you of more than just a good night’s sleep? There are two primary types of sleeplessness: the first is having difficulty...

Sugar Addiction

Sugar Addiction How do you know if you are addicted to sugar? Addictions are tricky to define; there are both physical and psychological addictions....

Glycemic index

Below the Glycemic Index You may have heard of high and low glycemic index foods and that you should eat as many low glycemic foods as you can if you...

Cold and Flu

Here comes another cold and flu season! There are two ways to look at cold and flu season. The first is to think that there are bugs out there and...

Power Foods

Power Foods All foods are not created equal. Some foods are simply not good for you and I talk enough about them: principally sugar, foods that act...

Just say No

New Drug New drugs are released all the time, usually to much fanfare and hype. The new drug often sound like a miracle: it works better than an old...

Star Trek Doc

Our Faith Have you ever watched a television show or movie where someone from our time traveled to the future? Inevitably, sometime during the episode,...


Detoxification is the process that for dealing with harmful chemicals in your body. The major detoxification organs are the liver and the kidneys,...

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