Types of Sugar

I get a lot of questions about sugars and which are okay to eat and which are not. Most of the questions have to do with finding a good substitute...


I’ve recently had a few people tell me that they are allergic to everything, so I thought I would write a post to address what that means and...


Anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows that I’m a big proponent of eating better. I support eating better because it is the most powerful...


I do yoga every morning… except when I don’t. For the past twenty years, I have done yoga every morning. But there are periods in my life...


Here Today, Gone Tomorrow A new study out today brings to question the thought that some cancers may go away on their own without any treatment. The...

30 Days Sugar Free

Think you can go 30 Days without Sugar? Most people don’t think that they can, but a sugar-free diet is a great way to give your health a boost...


Finding hidden sugars You know when you are eating sugar, don’t you? You see it, you taste it… don’t you? It turns out that many...

Comfort foods

Missing Comfort Foods Sugar cravings are awfully hard to break, but luckily there are comforting ways to help us through our sugar habit. Most people...

Brain Light

Sugar Brain You open a can of soda and pour that sugary drink into your mouth. The sugar travels down your throat and into your stomach and then has...

Joy of Exercise

Fountain of Youth I have long said that exercise is a panacea and a cure-all, but new research has just backed up my claim. I find it funny to think...

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