Here is a short nutritional quiz for you, see how you do with these questions: Are you ready? What food is high in calcium? What food is high in...

Juice boxes

Have you ever been in a grocery store looking at labels, trying to figure out something that your kids will eat and something that is good for them?...


Candida albicans is a tiny yeast that inhabits our intestinal tract (and other moist areas of our body) and is the subject of much concern in the natural...


Living longer is a goal for almost everyone. The headlines are full of healthful information about how to extend you life expectancy. What to live...


I get this question often, so let’s see if we can answer it: What about Stevia?  And, more importantly, is it safe? FDA Approved Stevia The...


There are plenty of good reasons why you want to kick sugar out of your life, but keeping your brain intact is the latest and maybe the most important. Most...

Artificial Sweeteners

Have you fallen for the promise of artificial sweeteners? All the sweetness and none of the downside? Really, who wouldn’t trust something called...


I know that this post is going to fly in the face of a lot of nutritional dogma, but I think it is about time we faced up to the fact that calories...

Elderly Exercise

The history of health is an interesting study… well, at least for people like me who are interested in both health and history. The reason why...

Drinking water

For something so simple as drinking water, there sure are a lot of opinions out there. I’ve read suggestions that you should drink anywhere between...

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