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Why Avoiding Sugar Works for Weight Loss It should be obvious to you by now that keeping sugar out of your diet is good for you, but do you know why...


You probably recognize that I have a certain affinity for the low-carb or paleolithic style diets, and I do. I’ve said  it enough if you read...


You are probably guessing that this is a post about gluten, but I’m not going to cover the (many) problems with gluten here because I have covered...

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I have had many questions lately about how athletes can do low-sugar, no-carb, or Paleolithic diet. I have been researching this topic in depth in...


Hard to believe, but this is the fourth year of our Month Without Sugar. Over 8,000 people have joined us for a month without sugar, is it your turn...

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I wake to the sound of birds outside my window; dawn is approaching. I sit up. Soon, the sun will begin its journey through the sky; it’s time to...


I’ve been asked a lot about how effective my 30 Sugar Free Days Program is for weight loss and while I could give you a lot of diet success stories,...


Cooking with Non-Gluten Grains If you have been told that you have to give up gluten grains, you may be feeling a bit lost. This guide to cooking with...

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How to Break a Sweet Tooth Addiction Want to learn how to break a sweet tooth addiction? That is easy. Well it is easy to say (but actually very hard...


Why Does Sugar Give Me a Headache? Does eating sugar give you a headache? You are not alone. The sugar headache, otherwise known as the Holiday Headache...

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